Services For Our Partners

MV offers several services for clients and partners, from working processes such as tube cutting, assembly and device testing, to the support for certification and distribution of medical devices and to ETO sterilization.



The sterilization is a critical process in manufacturing and distributing medical devices because it allows to kill bacteria and fungi eventually present on products, keeping intact the packaging and improving the safety of use.

MV has validated the sterilization process with ETO for all MV devices from an external supplier.

Assembly and testing


MV offers several process support to its clients such as tube cutting, assembly and bonding of components and kit, and testing od devices or lines.

All the operations are conducted in ISO 7 clean room, a protect and monitored environment that minimizes contamination risk.

Regulatory support


In the medical device sector the regulatory compliance is essential and we have always believed in it. We provide support to our clients who has neither resources nor structure to fulfil to strict regulatory requirements, registering our trade mark on specific devices or signing OBL contract.

MV has obtained CE mark on 10 families of products, quality management system certification UNI EN ISO 13485:2016 and FDA 510k on one product distributed in the US.