Medical Packaging

MV provides a wide range of medical packaging formats in different materials, suitable for several medical devices intended to ETO sterilisation.

All MV products are sold in medical packaging and ETO sterile.

Why it’s important


Primary medical packaging is a critical process in manufacturing single use medical devices because it has to: ensure sterility of the device for a certain period of time, open without releasing particulates and avoid contamination of the packaging materials on the devices.

MV has gained years of experience in the sector of medical packaging, now offering a top quality service using validated highest standard packagin machines, certified and verified suppliers of materials and ongoing controls on sealing, materials and packaing itself.

With 7 packaging machines in our ISO 7 Clean Room we offer more than 30 different formats for packaging of medical devices.

Our Formats


From the largest 300×210 mm format to the smallest 37×60 mm format, we offer a complete range of formats, suitable for every type of single use medical device.

Customization on client request is always possible and our Technical Office is available for design and development of new formats, either in soft or stiff plastic film.



The choice of packaging material is very important and critical to allow the highest quality standard we offer.

Materials used for medical packaging are: medical paper and plastic medical film.

Medical paper, different for weight and thickness, is accuretely chosen, testing for chemico-physical characteristics and after heving certified the quality of the supplier.

Plastic medical film, different for thickness, can be soft or stiff and the choice of the supplier is made looking for the top quality material.