Our Team

To keep an effective and efficient working process, our team is made of duly trained and highly qualified human resources, grown up with the idea that the quality of processes and products will make the difference. The skilled and exeperienced top management boasts more than 30 years of experience in the sector. This creates a great competititve advantage which is reflected in the solid structure of the company and in the efficiency of the decision process.

  • Nazzarena Grandi
    Nazzarena Grandi President & CEO
  • Paolo Giavazzi
    Paolo Giavazzi CEO & CTO
  • Jacopo Giavazzi
    Jacopo Giavazzi Junior Manager
  • Maria Grazia Buratti
    Maria Grazia Buratti Sales Development Manager
  • Anna Chierici
    Anna Chierici Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs
  • Beatrice Viani
    Beatrice Viani Logistic Analyst
  • Nicolas Benatti
    Nicolas Benatti Logistic Analyst
  • Ivan Gozzi
    Ivan Gozzi Administrative and Production Secretary
  • Warehouse Management
    Warehouse Management Logistic & Operations